Reviews for "The Blind World"

The game concept is interesting, but the gameplay makes it extremely difficult if near impossible to get the best ending:
- when jumping on the treadmills, it either launches the player too low or too high, which will often cause the player to hit the saw blades (it doesn't seem right that the saw blades cause instant death in many cases.
- if you land on top of the sword guys, you can't jump and can only fall left or right and doing so will lead to the guys to attack the player. Also, in confined areas, like trying to reach the leader, you can still be pinned against walls.
- The demon red dog and robots often can get stuck on the player or under them and get damage taken away (the dog one happen when the player is too close hitting it while it is vulnerable and it comes back to life, causing the player to get stuck underneath it.
- Also, in the first encounter with the dog, it is tough to jump over it because the margin for error is so small (plus, if you fail to, you can get pinned against the wall.

I look forward to your next game.

Before writing this review, I wanted to try and get the best possible ending. However that ended up not happening, unless I'm missing something. I did get two of the endings, the bad and the sad. If there is a truely happy ending, then I have no idea how to find it. Do I have to hit the final transformation? It seems like the char loses her mind the more she mutates.

Gameplay wise, it takes getting used too. Combat is simple enough and the early enemies, if you take your time and observe them, are easy to avoid, like the swordsmen, just to note that 'enemy pinning' is not just the swordsmen, the swordsmen can do it the easiest. The boss fights, once you remember the mechanics, are workable, but are frustrating a hit box's don't reflect the boss. The red mutant boss, yes you can jump over it, but it feels like you need more height then what is needed. I have managed to get to the final boss, and beat the boss without any mutations.


The game is very ambitious, however at the end I got stuck with something. I got one ending because I hadn't mutated, however when I did mutate and die only once after that, I got the bad ending. One saying I wasn't strong enough, the other saying I took too long, when literally I had one death separating the two. Is there even a happy ending?

i agree with many of the other reviews
a great concept and interesting story, but it quickly becomes far too difficult to finish without transforming, especially during the boss fights (first transformation happened to me during the listening post fight and the second during the final fight against the sister)
continue to make games though, you have potential
i would definitely be interested in a sequel/remake when you have amped up your skils

I want to finish this game, really I do... but I also want to NOT transform. I am one of those people who SUCKS at video games and always plays games on easy or with cheats (or sometimes both) just to get the story. But this game told me that playing on easy would make it harder to get the good ending, so I played on normal. But even playing on normal, I died so many times against the hell hound that I transformed. And you can't just load it up again to before you transformed because it REMEMBERS how many times you've died. I REALLY want to finish this game, but it's so HARD to not transform!

HershallCook responds:

Thanks for the review. I understand where you're coming from, as I also play games for the story.

That said, the stories for the second and third stages are satisfying as well. Neil and I spent a long time making sure you could have an immersive, engaging story no matter what transformation you were.

The first ending is intentionally difficult to get – if it was easy, no one would ever see the other two characters! Try beating the game as the second transformation, because I assure you it also has an powerful finale.

Good luck! Thanks again for the review.

The best story doesn't work if the gameplay doesn't reach a minimum. The whole game is one big ice level.