Reviews for "The Blind World"

(to game author) Please read this carefully to the end.

Cool concept, interesting story, intriguing plot. Those are the positive points.

So why 1,5 star? Because everything else is not.

I don't care** that you're not an experienced programmer. You knew gaming before (Yes, I understand you were a Game Informer intern). Many new people create cool games as their first release.

**meaning: That don't matter in the discussion - I am not willing to be rude

The game: Too many bugs. Wall "climbing" (even after the fix - I have just played the game!), going outside the screen, collision detection (I kill swordsmen punching their blades, what?). Level design is simply terrible. Physics are not good, either, which matter a lot in platforming since jumps are just about half of the game (bad jumping, bad platformer).

Another bug: (a lesser one) is that the text box, sometimes, after the tutorial, won't disappear, taking a chunk of the screen and requiring a load. It's like the "falling out" bug, but it won't break the game. Changing maps won't do a thing.


You did have a nice idea, but if you work on it without at least some dedication or just execute ir poorly, as good as your idea is, the only thing that gets truly "executed" is the experience of your audience. Perhaps you chose the wrong genre (plataformer) to tell your story.

Unfinished games are not a new thing... big studios already dlivered them. Don't feel bad. But don't feel good, either! There's room for improvement.

As unfinished as it looked, it (somehow) earned a front page. Don't let that go over your head! Newgrounds already frontpaged Television-advert-pseudo-games - that everyone hated - and political flamebaits, and also denied FPaging excellent games that much people loved ("Caravaneer", the first of the two, is the perfect example - Play it and see for yourself.)


Despite all the bad stuff, the game has some appeal to me. I did go for the 3 endings after all, so I can't really say the game is too bad (I played worse games). If you dedicated more, you might have created a very good game, nearly a masterpiece. Do that next time.

Since you already know something about platforming now, hone your skill and make another. Or remake this one. Expand the plot. Try it out, distribute to friends, have them play and give you feedback. When stuff work and look good, you can start thinking about publishing it.

(TL;DR: You game is unfinished and really bad, apart from the story and concept. The game deserves 1 star in that state)

Since you fixed some of the bugs (but not wall climbing! as pointed below) it shows you actually care about feedback, and is willing to improve stuff. This earns you something (+ half star)

And as bashing as my review might look like, it's for your own good. I was once tricked by a gaming magazine from a friend to play some games that were actually terrible a long time ago. After those scandals of youtubers getting money to promote games as "impartial gamers", fills me with disgust to use the review space to state anything but the truth that everyone can experience/agree upon.

I thought the concept of the game was try to save her sister. without getting knocked out. I ran into a couple bugs. First when she fights the big red dog demon thing, she says shes ready to fight it. I morphed. and was stronger. i didn't understand if that was supposed to happen or not. because i didn't get knocked enough times to morph. Second in the Fight to save Myla i was in the first morph and won. as soon as i see Myla falling to the ground, my character turned into the second morph and I got a bad end. I don't know if you intended for that to happen.( might be a bug, i hope so anyway) because that ending just SUCKED!

I think the hit boxes need some work. Since they can sometimes hit you and you cant hit the enemies. I have also noticed i randomly jump super high on the conveyor belt area. this sometimes saved me or actually threw me into some saw blades. getting stuck on the bombs didnt help either. as soon as they were gone i would just fall to my death/KO.

I think using the aerial attack is more of a utility to move around and not use it to attack since you can drop really fast and avoid certain attacks. Attacking with it just gets you hurt or stuck on the enemies, where they can just hit you over and over again, and since your stuck to them, your slowly dying.

I would think it would be great if you added another area to the platforming, like make two ways to get to the next area, just one way is alot harder and contains a serum to negate the morphs, or lower your KO counter. also if you add an extra key to look down or across, that would help since sometimes i was not sure if I had to go Down or try To JUMP really far to the right. more often then not jumping really far to the right and finding out that i missed the platform that was below sight level, really irked me. it also would of saved me from jumping into spikes or other hazards.

I think the idea is good. but you could also add some different morphs depending on what knocks you out.. make a counter for all the different types and mix match combo. Like getting KO by the slime so many times, makes you less slippery on Ice or something.

Game Has Potential.

Thanks for Reading.

You can kick into walls thus climb up vertically and just ignore any of the platforming. Overall engine is bad, controls are bad for any non qwertz setup, graphics and story are meh.

Great concept, nice level desing, althoug the controls aren't the best( won't repeat what everyone had already said), nice music, i played 4 times(i gave up of getting the best ending) and the music didn't get boring. The main problem for me it's the hellhound fight. Either as human form or as mid transformation the boss is freaking hard! The jumping sequence is ok, but the one that you're supposed to jump him is impossible, i onle did it 3 time, it needs to be frame precise! Also in the second fight when he gets k.oed. there is no indication that he will go underground or that he will start chasing you again, it's hard to know when to stop attacking if you can't read your enemy next action. Last but not least: i know the last stage is supposed to be hard and almost make you transform, but you could make only the big saws take 2 heats not all of them.
Overall it's a very nice game, something that i don't see on newground in a while, keep up the good work and sorry for my grammar mistakes haha

HershallCook responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

I've edited that boss fight to make it easier to jump over the monster when he charges. I encourage you to give it another shot.

The major minus for this game is that the engine feels clumsy, especially during the boss fights. If it weren't for that, I would probably be rating the game way higher. Combined with the quality of the graphics (which I would otherwise consider quaint), the whole thing feels crude. It also bothers me that despite my deaths counting, all the enemies respawn between deaths. This game definitely needs an explicit save feature so I don't have to restart the entire game to get the good ending.

That said, the story is good, and I'd like to see more of it.