Reviews for "The Blind World"

It's a great game that I really liked, despite several drawbacks that everyone already told you about. For me personally, the jumping wasn't all that atrocious, but it did have some weird moments. It's great that you fixed the first boss battle. The enemy really was impossible to jump no matter how Riv's state was.
Amazingly enough, I found the story to be rather good, which is why I'm very sorry to say that I simply could not get the best ending. I cannot pass the final level (Lightning Foundry) in human form because of the saw-blades that kill you instantly. There is a tight spot toward the end of the first map where you have to jump between 2 saw-blades (one up, one down, you need to get through the exact middle) while also being on a conveyor belt (so you can't properly time the jump).
I simply can' do that. I cannot get the jump right.
Please balance the difficulty at least. I imagine it's a lot harder to balance everything else to fix the movement/jump issue. So please just adjust the saw-blades to not take all your life. Every other hazard only takes one heart. Just let me bash against the saw-blades and carry on...
The saving system doesn't aid you either. I have to play the entire game again to fail *again* at that single spot. No-uh... I really don't have that amount of time to waste, sorry.
Multiple endings are super-sweet, but please also respect the player's time and make a more advanced saving system with slots if you intend to make a game that needs to be player all over again to get all the endings.
If you can't do that, I'm afraid there's nothing else to do except wait and watch the best ending getting obtained by someone else in an Internet movie probably (or give up entirely, which is really unfortunate since I liked it so much). I'm sorry, but I have wasted enough time trying to get that one ridiculous jump...

HershallCook responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I updated the game to make that buzz saw jump significantly easier.

its a very unique game but the difficulty settings could be slightly tweaked... either is the game or me... I'm sorry if its me

You can still get caught on enemies. I bypassed a giant sawblade by clinging on the side of the boxing robot and let it carry me throught. I also got trapped underneath and ontop of the swordsmen causing quite a few deaths which you can't escape from.

i sorta like this, but it feels too slow for me to want to finish it. i think the problem with the "wall-climbing" is caused possibly by collision boxes of varying size. You could just keep the running collision box in the same place and with the same size as the walking one, and then that would maybe fix your problem. maybe i'm wrong and you already tried that, but if you didn't, maybe you should.

Since you spent much effort and time creating this game I would like to give you a detailed review.

The artwork is poor. Period. I will not comment any further on this. If possible, hire a friend who can draw. It does not affect the gameplay that much but it feels bad that I had to learn from an NPC that I am a girl and not a boy. Because the portrait did not help at all.

Artwork aside there are major problems with the coding:

- you still can stick to walls and ledges.
- when you use your kick in mid-air some magical force pulls you down faster than you would fall normally
- attacks: your attacks in general are useless in a game where you face enemies you cannot touch and who shoot at you. Your melee attack is slow and awkward; it is generally useless
- you can jump onto "bubbles" from below and get boosted
- the interaction between your character and enemies is weird, you get trapped against walls with no way out. This is especially bad at bossfights. (more on that later)
- ice shard hitboxes are off. When you clearly hit the "big shards" the program does not register the hit. Perhaps it is deliberate but then why put them there in the first place?

The bad artwork and coding is "complemented" by bad writing. The story is your generic sci-fi tale. You work with clich├ęs and the dialogues more often than not are meaningless. Sometimes it is completely out of place, e.g "you stupid robot you lead me to a dead end" when there is clearly a laboratory in front of the heroine. What dead end?

What really breaks the game for me is the second boss fight. I even got down the pattern of the monster: it switches from walking to jumping when you hit it or get hit by it. I still cannot kill him mainly due to not doing any damage. And then whenever he switches into walking mode he just pushes me to the wall and game over. You cannot jump over it, you cannot slip through under it....again the bad coding shows, because you feel like glued to it. Very bad interaction between characters as I mentioned

I will give you 1 star for the effort and 1 star for the music which I liked. However, you need to improve on lliterally everything else.