Reviews for "[Concussion]"

Alright i got all i need to make a review. 1. At some points you will miss the enemy as if they have a immune state apply. I found this in survival mode where i hit one of them first and it miss completely. I miss a lot of drop kicks as well. As if the basic guys had a immune state to get their combo off. Now the thing is the game is good.

If you really want to win this game just avoid the story and do survival right off the bat. You grind in there for a while and get everything you need to beat the story easy. Now what this game is missing is better upgrades. Like new moves the basic fighting style for the character is okay but their should be a advanced version in the aug shop. Maybe some new powers as well to help have a different style then the basic one. All in all lock the survival mode and custom mode so that it only unlocks when you complete the story. It just needs a little more touches to it.

GMR516 responds:

Hey there,
The enemy is not invulnerable at any point whatsoever. If you miss an attack, you simply missed, that's it. Thanks for enjoying the game however! It's up to you if you want to grind for a while in Survival or just do story right off the bat.

It's a great game, but it I noted an error: My data is all gone, I was going to finish the last mission D:

GMR516 responds:

Oh no! That sucks, I'm sorry about that.
Keep in mind that if you clear your history/cookies, or browse the game in incognito mode that it will delete your data.
Super glad you enjoy it though!

Seems like a real nice game, however, I've encountered a problem. I've opened the game in Edge browser and my mouse pointer doesn't appear in the game screen. Other than that, pretty good. And seems like you are going to improve the game, therefore I'm giving you five stars. Keep it up, man.

GMR516 responds:

Odd, since I haven't put any code to hide the mouse cursor at all. Perhaps it's just Edge's default Flash behavior?
Thank you, glad you like the game!

Great game!! Only negatives are that I found the missions a bit short, turning the Sound off creates random stutters which were annoying (I only muted it because I got the Headphone Head so I muted the game and had my own music playing in the background), Survival Mode is broken in the time between Waves e.g. I would only get half way through one Wave and the next one started and some times I absolutely zoomed through a Wave and spent around 20 seconds just sitting there waiting for the next one to start, and using a cheap tactic with Double Jump and K, I couldn't take any damage, then I unlocked Concussion Mode and I absolutely decimated everything. All in all, I over looked these things quickly and had a ton of fun!! I would easily pay money to play this game, keep up the great work!!

GMR516 responds:

I totally see what you're saying with the sound stutters. Sorry about that. Someone else reported that the 'K' attack by itself is greatly overpowered, so I might have to look into adjusting that.
I'm really glad that you enjoyed it though, thank you!

The jump in difficulty between the later missions felt a little overwhelming, although I guess the augments justify it more than enough. I liked the quirky little story too - random and silly. A well-done game!

GMR516 responds:

Yeah, the difficulty between missions was pretty hard to slowly increase since I figured the player would buy an Augment and just rip through them if they were too easy. Glad you like the story, haha! Thanks for enjoying. :)