Reviews for "[Concussion]"

This was an absolutely addicting game. The mission of saving a beloved dog was hilarious, and it wasn't the typical bad guy. The enemies were well developed and I liked how the weaknesses of some enemies were the strengths of others. For instance, most enemies you can simply walk past, but if you try to walk through a shielder, they hurt you, so you couldn't just walk through them anymore. It was really fun to try to get all the medals (I was close, but didn't get the hax0r medal). I had to stop myself from playing because I got so addicted that I tried to buy all the cosmetics for a stick figure, and I was like...okay, I need a break. I also thought it was very funny that choosing certain names gave you a funny message (I found the names Papyrus, Concussion, and GMR).

GMR516 responds:

Thank you so much for your review! I really appreciate your response, and I'm super glad that you enjoy the game so much. ;u;
Also, there are tons of other name easter eggs for you to find! (Hint: There are definitely more Undertale names)

Again, thanks a ton.

This was quite an impressive game! My only problem was that it was hard to understand at first. I don't use many combos. Why do I raise a shield when I click "K" instead of kicking? Oh yeah, "K" for kick! This was a very cool game.

It's mostly because of the variety of enemies. I especially like the green blob things. I don't know how to beat those black ball things. Oooh, that sounds dirty. The sounds were great too.

GMR516 responds:

Haha, thanks a ton!
Glad you enjoyed it. To beat the 'black balls' ;) you need to jump up into the air and use an air attack with either J or K. May need to smack them a few times.

Glad you enjoyed. C:

Wow, I found an easter egg: If you name yourself "Sans" it says "GEEETTTTTTT DUNKED ON" in the corner. Nice.

GMR516 responds:

Haha! People are already figuring those out!

(Hint: There are tons more of those name easter eggs.)

I can't find the credits. Can someone give me a list of all the music in this game?

GMR516 responds:

Go to options, the credits are in there. :)

Alright i got all i need to make a review. 1. At some points you will miss the enemy as if they have a immune state apply. I found this in survival mode where i hit one of them first and it miss completely. I miss a lot of drop kicks as well. As if the basic guys had a immune state to get their combo off. Now the thing is the game is good.

If you really want to win this game just avoid the story and do survival right off the bat. You grind in there for a while and get everything you need to beat the story easy. Now what this game is missing is better upgrades. Like new moves the basic fighting style for the character is okay but their should be a advanced version in the aug shop. Maybe some new powers as well to help have a different style then the basic one. All in all lock the survival mode and custom mode so that it only unlocks when you complete the story. It just needs a little more touches to it.

GMR516 responds:

Hey there,
The enemy is not invulnerable at any point whatsoever. If you miss an attack, you simply missed, that's it. Thanks for enjoying the game however! It's up to you if you want to grind for a while in Survival or just do story right off the bat.