Reviews for "[Concussion]"

I tried to like this game, I really did, but unfortunately, it gets to hard too quickly, which forces the player to grind, which I, of course, detest in a game. For the next version of this, try decreasing the amount of damage the enemies give, and also try decreasing their health so players have an easier time getting through the game. Just some friendly constructive criticism.

GMR516 responds:

Yeah, no worries. The game isn't for everyone. Just a little tip/thingy, I've gotten through the entire game without any powers at all, so it's definitely possible. Just gotta learn the combos I guess.

Thanks for playing!

I found an easter egg, if you name yourself Anonymous the game will reset the data.

GMR516 responds:

Why does that take away a star? :C

And it doesn't reset the data, it just shows the naming dialogue again. :D (I wouldn't make it reset data based on your name)


GMR516 responds:

With pleasure ;)

Thank you for enjoying. C:

nice game
5 stars !

GMR516 responds:

Awesome, thanks!

This was an absolutely addicting game. The mission of saving a beloved dog was hilarious, and it wasn't the typical bad guy. The enemies were well developed and I liked how the weaknesses of some enemies were the strengths of others. For instance, most enemies you can simply walk past, but if you try to walk through a shielder, they hurt you, so you couldn't just walk through them anymore. It was really fun to try to get all the medals (I was close, but didn't get the hax0r medal). I had to stop myself from playing because I got so addicted that I tried to buy all the cosmetics for a stick figure, and I was like...okay, I need a break. I also thought it was very funny that choosing certain names gave you a funny message (I found the names Papyrus, Concussion, and GMR).

GMR516 responds:

Thank you so much for your review! I really appreciate your response, and I'm super glad that you enjoy the game so much. ;u;
Also, there are tons of other name easter eggs for you to find! (Hint: There are definitely more Undertale names)

Again, thanks a ton.