Reviews for "[Concussion]"

I genuinely just do not like this. The combat feels stunted and slow, including the best in "Attacks that seem like they should hit but really just make you walk through the enemy" technology. The combos seem entirely pointless when half the time attempting them one one guy will just be interrupted by the guy behind him. The upgrades are way too highly priced considering how little the combos that are no fun to pull off actually get you in way of cash. It's just not fun. I was hoping I would get badass stick fighting action like so few flash games have really nailed down before. What I got was the only real effective strategy in this game...Jumping back and forth while pressing one button so the enemies can't interrupt you.

GMR516 responds:

I'm sorry you feel that way. When I played through the game I used most moves quite often and variation was quite evident. Sure, if you want, you can only mash one button, but if you really mix it up to get the most damage and style, that's where the real fun is.

It's unfortunate you didn't enjoy, but perhaps Combat Tournament has what you're looking for? That's another game by Stickpage with combo-ish type gameplay.

Thanks for playing anyway!

yeah nice game *.* no find 2 medals : hax0r and imposter :(

GMR516 responds:

Thank you!

Tip: For imposter, who can you 'pretend' to be in the game? Namely, who made the game? *wink wink nudge nudge*

I tried to like this game, I really did, but unfortunately, it gets to hard too quickly, which forces the player to grind, which I, of course, detest in a game. For the next version of this, try decreasing the amount of damage the enemies give, and also try decreasing their health so players have an easier time getting through the game. Just some friendly constructive criticism.

GMR516 responds:

Yeah, no worries. The game isn't for everyone. Just a little tip/thingy, I've gotten through the entire game without any powers at all, so it's definitely possible. Just gotta learn the combos I guess.

Thanks for playing!

I found an easter egg, if you name yourself Anonymous the game will reset the data.

GMR516 responds:

Why does that take away a star? :C

And it doesn't reset the data, it just shows the naming dialogue again. :D (I wouldn't make it reset data based on your name)


GMR516 responds:

With pleasure ;)

Thank you for enjoying. C: