Reviews for "[Concussion]"

Not enough good stickman games are made anymore, gg bro.

GMR516 responds:

Thanks for the kind words!

kutspoel ya cnat even beat the first lvl!

GMR516 responds:

Heh, I really hope you're trollin'.

If you're not: You're just bad at the game. That's it, and it's the honest truth. Sorry, but I can't help you with that, unfortunately.

the writing was ok, but the gameplay itself just feels wooden and doesn't flow well at all, you're basically locked into doing a punch string or a kick string and the attacks are so few and so slow that you're basically running around kicking them twice and then dodging away or just air attacking the whole time because you can't really do combos. You have a launcher but can't do air combos. Your first kick knocks them too far away for your second kick to even reach them. You have a lightning fast sweep that launches enemies away but you're very unsafe charge punch doesn't even budge them and is basically pointless. For a game where you're being swarmed by enemies that stunlock you from both sides, you don't have any attacks that can attack on both sides. You have a dodge gauge but rolling still takes the same stamina you need for special attacks? all in all it just leads to a frustrating experience

Would be cool if you could buy more powers

I genuinely just do not like this. The combat feels stunted and slow, including the best in "Attacks that seem like they should hit but really just make you walk through the enemy" technology. The combos seem entirely pointless when half the time attempting them one one guy will just be interrupted by the guy behind him. The upgrades are way too highly priced considering how little the combos that are no fun to pull off actually get you in way of cash. It's just not fun. I was hoping I would get badass stick fighting action like so few flash games have really nailed down before. What I got was the only real effective strategy in this game...Jumping back and forth while pressing one button so the enemies can't interrupt you.

GMR516 responds:

I'm sorry you feel that way. When I played through the game I used most moves quite often and variation was quite evident. Sure, if you want, you can only mash one button, but if you really mix it up to get the most damage and style, that's where the real fun is.

It's unfortunate you didn't enjoy, but perhaps Combat Tournament has what you're looking for? That's another game by Stickpage with combo-ish type gameplay.

Thanks for playing anyway!