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Reviews for "Pound the Puss"

This is the most creative game I've seen in a long time. I loved the animation, the music, and the story and lines made me laugh my ass off. I know it must be annoying getting this comment since you're indie, and things take money, but I'll be pissed if this doesn't turn into a series! Great game!

OrangePylon responds:

Well, it's a bit soon to confirm any sequels, but I did set myself up for some nicely, just in case. We'll have to see where this game takes me! Thanks for the review.

I can only agree with what has already been said. The humor is amazing and original, the music goes great with the game, and I'm a sucker pixel art, so this was an instant 5er.

I especially love Shuttlecock being literal, I had never thought of that meaning of the word, and when I saw the "strokes his huge ego" in the credits, I immediately wondered if it was a euphemism. then I saw the next part. :D And it's good to see you know your anatomy and placed the ass in the back and the puss in the front. :P

Also, thank you for making an actual walkthrough rather than a useless video.

OrangePylon responds:

"And it's good to see you know your anatomy and placed the ass in the back and the puss in the front."

Heh, that's actually clever. Thanks a bunch! I'm glad you liked it so much.

Great game! I loved it I also love how you respond to every comment on your game more developers should be like you! Also Check me out on youtube (sorry for advertising)

OrangePylon responds:

No problem, man! Check out my cool game, Pound the Puss!

It's been a while since i found a game in NG this entertaining, Nice job!

OrangePylon responds:


Fun for the whole family!

OrangePylon responds:

I was sick of all the smut cluttering the internet, so I decided to make a game that kids could enjoy with their grandparents.