Reviews for "1 Minute Personality Test"

Awesome game!! Only medals I'm missing are Playful and Heroic. But it's so fun that I'll keep trying anyway

Evaluation: Awesome Game

It took me a minute to realize that the NPCs are randomly generated, once I had that figured out it became all about what I could do within the game. What if I did this, this and this, what result would I get. One thing I found out was if you kill the hostage and defuse the correct bomb, then the game's music will stop, but the game will keep going. It won't end for some reason. If I leave the building and go eat ice cream afterwards, then the bomb will explode. Weird.

The game looks simple, but I figure that's what you were going for in a way. We're playing a personality test. The music was good and the sound effects were nice to. I loved all of the different evaluations, they were funny and got me to laugh. I ended up getting all of the medals! I want to see more from you!

|| Cheers ||
*Superb Presentation
*Great Music
*Great Sound
*Masterful Concept
*Masterful Controls
*Masterful Gameplay

|| Jeers ||

Great game! but how do you get Annoying, Heroic, Literate, Mischievous, Playful and Unoriginal?

cool concept!

very good game and i just dicovered that you need to press r to restart (wasnt payng attention to the title screen).