Reviews for "1 Minute Personality Test"

I didn't understand the gun mechanic at first and how to defuse the bomb. I kept spamming shoot next to the bomb to no avail. and I didn't find the random hostage/henchmen/bomb blocks at first. So instructions slightly unclear. Otherwise pretty neat though.

Awesome game!
Cool tidbit:
While I was going for the "Unoriginal Medal" I did things the focused way twice and when I got the clipboard "Unoriginal" I could still move. So I left after having killed the henchman, saving the hostage, and disarming the bomb to go get a nice ice cream, while getting another "Kinda Evil" clipboard in the process.

Absentminded: Jump off the building
Annoying: Alert the henchman without doing anything to it
Evil: Enter the building to trigger the bomb, then eat ice cream
Focused: Kill the terrorist, save the hostage, disarm the bomb
Forgetful: Read the paper, shoot the wrong block anyway
Heroic: Save the hostage, get shot by the terrorist
Inefficient: Save the hostage, kill the terrorist, let the time run out
Inexperienced: Get shot by the terrorist
Kinda evil: Save the hostage, get ice cream
Lazy: Don't do anything
Literate: Look at the paper as the bomb goes off
Lucky: Disable the bomb without looking at the paper. This one just requires luck.
Mischevious: Disable the bomb but quickly shoot another block to blow up the building
Peaceful: Save the hostage, don't kill the terrorist, disable the bomb
Playful: Ride the elevator 100 times
Rash: Trigger the bomb without looking at the paper
Too focused: Disable the bomb. Do not save the hostage or kill the terrorist
Trigger happy: Shoot (press X) 100 times
Uncaring: Immediately go eat ice cream
Unoriginal: Get the same ending twice in a row
Violent: Shoot both the terrorist and the hostage:
Spoiler Jerk: Reveal how to get the medals in a review.

Medals won't unlock for me, so that kinda screws this.

I still like the idea of this game, and I enjoyed finding the endings, even though I didn't get the medals.

Great game. It's really fun- although, there's an interesting problem I found...

If you kill the hostage, spare the guard, and disarm the bomb, nothing happens. The timer stops, but you can still move around; and if you leave, you get the "Evil" ending. Is there supposed to be an ending, or did you just look that over?