Reviews for "1 Minute Personality Test"

a short platformer that you replay for different endings. the real game is finding out what you are supposed to do to get the different endings, which makes for a puzzle game comparable to an average point-and-click escape game, but with a more original format.

at all times its kinda funny in a stuipid way.

Well, to be honest I wasn't a fan of 10 Second Personality Test either. When I saw that you've made a 1 minute one I was like "Why?" and didn't want to play it. It's just not fun and for me it feels mostly like a waste of time to get medals only this time it's more time.

I mean it's an unique concept I give you that but it doesn't mean it's good. I'm not sure if it even can be made good.
"Do something... or don't and you'll get a note telling you what kind of person you are based on that".... It's not a reward... it's not fun. "You did everything right- You're good person. The end" I'm not immersed in the game or anything... I play again to get another medal. I wonder how many people are like that.

Real personality tests should have the same answer for the same person anyway. But it's not like I care about the turtle(hostage), story or anything for this to be more genuine.

Your character can shoot only in front of the enemy, hostage or bomb... other than that he only transforms into a gun... okay?

If you get to the wrong floor you will be welcomed by something that looks like unfinished/glitched game- that was my first though I guess. Why do you have to search for the correct floor if they don't add anything to the game? Was it to make players wander around and not making this game a 30 Second Personality Test?

Jump sound is really irritating, music itself have some of it too but way less.

I would recommend you try making a different game based on different concept.

Amazing, i finish all medals and i found a bug or glitch, if you kill the hostage without being noticed by the enemy, and defuses the bomb the clock of bomb stops and nothing happens. but its awesome.

Funny, judges you in a funny way, and stupidly weird choose your own adventure. I give it 5 stars

I had trouble to even load this game, and when I once and for all loaded game, it just kept lagging and lagging. It doesn't even respond sometimes.