Reviews for "1 Minute Personality Test"

Neat little game! I discovered one bug/oversight though; if you skip past the henchman without alerting or shooting him, then shoot the hostage, then defuse the bomb, the timer stops but the game doesn't end until you either shoot one of the other boxes (for the Mischevious ending) or go to the ice cream (which shows the building exploding and gives you the Evil ending, even though you should have defused the bomb). It seems like the game should be programmed to give you the Violent ending after defusing the bomb after killing the hostage, regardless of whether or not you killed the henchman.

Absentminded: Jump off the building
Annoying: Alert the henchman without doing anything to it
Evil: Enter the building to trigger the bomb, then eat ice cream
Focused: Kill the terrorist, save the hostage, disarm the bomb
Forgetful: Read the paper, shoot the wrong block anyway
Heroic: Save the hostage, get shot by the terrorist
Inefficient: Save the hostage, kill the terrorist, let the time run out
Inexperienced: Get shot by the terrorist
Kinda evil: Save the hostage, get ice cream
Lazy: Don't do anything
Literate: Look at the paper as the bomb goes off
Lucky: Disable the bomb without looking at the paper. This one just requires luck.
Mischevious: Disable the bomb but quickly shoot another block to blow up the building
Peaceful: Save the hostage, don't kill the terrorist, disable the bomb
Playful: Ride the elevator 100 times
Rash: Trigger the bomb without looking at the paper
Too focused: Disable the bomb. Do not save the hostage or kill the terrorist
Trigger happy: Shoot (press X) 100 times
Uncaring: Immediately go eat ice cream
Unoriginal: Get the same ending twice in a row
Violent: Shoot both the terrorist and the hostage:
Spoiler Jerk: Reveal how to get the medals in a review.

Please add a volume control before the game starts unless you want everyone to lose their hearing or get tinnitus.

It worked for the first few times just fine, but now the enemies don't load, the bomb elements don't load, and pretty much the only thing I'm able to do is allow the bomb to blow or eat ice cream lol

I really like the idea though, and the pixel graphics and old school music is pretty nostalgic.

very good game and i just dicovered that you need to press r to restart (wasnt payng attention to the title screen).