Reviews for "1 Minute Personality Test"

everything that was wrong with the first game has been get rid off in this game and it shows.
more endings, more replay value, a sense of humor and WAY more ways to play. I literally have no words for how well you've executed this game, you've blown me away with this MASTERPIECE.
so in other words, you've outdone yourself man.

I found this game "1 Minute Personality Test" Quite Enjoyable. Based off the title I was hesitant to play it. The title should be something like, "The Game of Personality" (followed by short description). I had to unlock every single medal before I could give a review, because they took some thinking to unlock; and wanted to have a good understanding of the game. A lot of choices and game-play is very fluid. I wouldn't be slow to start to make a sequel because this game was very interesting to finish and unique in it's own way.

nice game :p not find certain medals