Reviews for "1 Minute Personality Test"

For some reason, after I got the Peaceful ending, all the actors (the henchman, the hostage, and the bomb A B C) refused to load, even after I restarted the game, refreshed the page, or got another ending. Kinda confused about what to do now. Great concept though

Brilliant sequel. You expanded on the first game successfully, taken out some of the glitches, and brainstormed so many more endings. I'm pleased that you chose to use a different scenario this time, rather than just make a bigger room with coins or add a few new endings to the old room. A lot of thought went into this.

I noticed a few glitches. First of all, some of the medals didn't unlock on the first try. Don't know if that was just my issue or if anyone else has experienced it. Second, if I shoot the hostage and then successfully disarm the bomb, the game doesn't end. I can run around the building until I either a) get shot by the henchman, or b) get ice cream, and which time the bomb goes off as though it were still active.

Unlocked everything except "Literate". I assumed it would have something to do with reading the note, but I read it 100 times and didn't get the medal.

Thanks for another fun game. I'm still certain that the formula can be further expanded, with even more complex situations or used with other genres.

This game was really funny, fun to play, and nicely simplistic. Really good job!

its fun to try to get all the endings in this fast game, i really like it :D

Game will not load; please fix.