Reviews for "World at War"

Like MafiaPineapple said, there is mediocre mixing which is leading to clipping. I used to do the same thing, then I started using limiters and compression which might be something you could do. Other than that, it's an awesome song.

Only problem is it's a bit way too loud.

WOW. Just wow. This is one of the best pieces I have heard in a LONG time! You have PERFECT transitions between the beats and you kept the tempo throughout the whole song as well as captured my attention thoroughly within the whole length of the song. Little to no over used sound bits and I love the use of instrumental effects. It gives it a purely entrancing ambiance.

WOAH! This song literally blew me away with its sick beats! bravo man! you have made an amazing peice of music!

Really fantastic job on this composition. I really loved the intro, the stereo effects and instrumentation were superb, and flowed perfectly into the breakdown. I loved the tube on the bells in the beginning, but I thought the amp may have been a bit too hard on the synths in the breakdown, and the mix could have hit harder with a little less grain. Overall though, fantastic!! Vocal chopping was on point love the low pass filter on it, blended well with the rest of the mix which had a lot of high end.

Malifex responds:

I definitely agree with all your criticisms, thanks a bunch for the feedback :)