Reviews for "SleepyCast Animated- "Steven's Popcorn Necklace""

The show ACTUALLY does get better though

Smooth as fuck, thought the drawings were genuinely funny. The only thing to improve upon would be the lip syncing

JomahBD responds:

I totally feel that too. That wrinkle will be smoothed out with whatever comes next <3

Fluid, and creative, animation. I liked the designs and the funny stills whilst characters weren't talking. Lip synch is a little meh, but overall it's pretty good.

P.S. What episode was this on? Thanks!

The "fuck your show" part was wicked. loved how smooth and detailed that scene was!

everything this about this is beautiful, the style is great, the backgrounds are gorgeous, the settings (inside the spaceship) are great, and the frame by frame animation parts are amazing such as the kameyameya corey shoots and the explosion of the earth, only gripe would be the animations of the sleepy cast fellows inside the sleepycabin cabin, and with their lip sync. however, the lip sinc w steven and other parts are great. keep doing what youre doing man, i love this style