Reviews for "Procedural Dick"

Its stuck at the very end on the loading screen

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

Thank you very much for the feedback !!!
It's been fixed :)

My god, you could say it's infinite! What a great time to be alive

10/10- IGN. Still better than No Man's Sky.

Click on the screen, wait 20 seconds. Fight on a boring (planet? ), get back and make the same again. Meh.

But i like the graphics.

Such an impressive leap forward for video game innovation! I had thought that video games as an art form (haha jk vidya is not art) had already been as developed as they could possibly ever be, but I was WRONG! Who would have thought that not having level designers and getting the random number tables to do all that hard work instead would be the next big thing that revolutionises the entire industry! And I see that your game does such amazing work with this technique, allowing for the biggest, longest, thickest, wartiest, throbbingest, girthiest open world that I have ever seen. I never dreamed games could be like this. I look forward to seeing what the next amazing innovation will be, and how you will maximise its potential and wow us all over again!