Reviews for "Procedural Dick"

"Medals! Who wants free medal?!"
Seriously... the most outstanding thing about this game is how easy is got get 5 medals worth 100 points each while 4 of them you can probably get under a minute... It makes the game really attractive for medal hunters.. I guess, since I've never seen a game which basically throws the most valuable medals at you. Of course if it would be intentional it probably would be looked down upon.

The game itself... basically nothing interesting.

While this is a parody, more effort could have been put into it. A wider variety of creatures to discover would have been nice.

The graphics are barely passable for a parody and could obviously use some work.

Some more commentary in game, with variety, would have helped make this parody more unique and interesting.

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

I know. I just did the entirety of the game in 3 days. Art, music, code... so it's all crappy indeed!
But I wrapped it up and released the game just 3 days after No Man's Sky.
1) I wanted to mock it on the same week it was released.
2) I felt too silly for spending time on a parody about a game which... I personally never even intend to play.

I don't know what is funnier. The spot on sarcasm towards No Man's Sky, or the comments from people that don't get the joke.

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

Those guys are the best! Next time I'll be even more blunt and see if they come again:P

I'm scared of the implications of what "balls deep" mean here,

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

In the center of the universe, organs as large as this collide all the time!

Not so bad... but you could put more stuff into it

Alon-Tzarafi responds:

We will release epic patches that "put more stuff" into everything ! And at some point even make the game playable.. just you wait!