Reviews for "I Love Egg ep.4"

Really interesting.

I really loved it how the eggs kept changing into different kind of stuff it was kind of trippy but really kool,great job yet again. =)


I am floored by how you can take mature, difficult situations and turn them into a lighthearted romp through the darkness of the human mind. I was originally amazed by the second Egg movie which tells the tail of a lone soldier's tour of duty in vietnam, and his personal moral battle for all those he killed during his misled duty. This one is no different, telling the tale of a man on the edge of his mind, trying to finish just one more hiest so that he can live once again without crime. However, the masses see him as evil, simple black and white no matter what guise he takes. It all ends with both him and his persuer dying, and going to heaven, where he is seen as equal in the eyes of god, but still a demon to everyone else. Amazing and deep. Bravo.


that was probably the most funniest i love egg episodes i have ever seen ....... so far


OMG How can anyone NOT love the little spiderman egg!!! <3

A little action in Egg City... (wow, cool title)

As said in the other review, lots of transform-egg-tion and the habitual cuteness of this legendary serie.