Reviews for "GUNDONK"

I have mixed feelings about this one. You got the perfect "over the top" insane platformer feeling right that is for sure.

The level design however is dumb, you just learn the level by heart while dieing over and over again.

I killed (almost) everything, got the key and now I am stuck and I cannot go back. Tried shooting the walls, tried using the sword, I cannot wall jump, I cannot go back.

Lets make a game that glitches, get stuck in corners, and jumps in directions that you don't move and we will call that a finished product, what is wrong with this author?

yurgenburgen responds:

this game is intended for gamers, not for those with no hand-eye co-ordination. get good

I finish the game, i have found a secret that give 100 points, punch a block like mario cut like a jedi.