Reviews for "GUNDONK"

Easy controls, movement and fire are nice, crouch+move = rolling.
Sprites are fascinating.
Music rolls very well.

Very basic and clean game. Hope you make another with different levels. And if you do just don't forget to add old style passwords or choice to save with a code so we can play on other machines without saves.

Kudos for Alien theme, RIP Giger.

Very easy game and very easy to get the 10,000.

Not sure why people are having troubles, lol

Also lol at suggestions to have a health bar. This is easy enough without one and everything is easy to find.


What the ........

Oh, man. The game have a good potential, but it very stupid and all images from a different games. Controls - sucks. Sword is a stupid weapon in the game, it is low.

Have played this about 3 times and each time I'm 100 points missing from full score, I dont know if this intended or not. Also, sometimes after killing the bigger monsters, their bullet particles keep firing on the screen.

yurgenburgen responds:

there are 10,000 points in total