Reviews for "GUNDONK"

Put a banging donk on it and give me a gun, this game is sick~

to unlock the cage is needed to die to restart the game after pick the key.
good game(sorry my bad english)

Not bad, the lack of a health bar is kind of annoying, but otherwise, good job!


It took me a little while to figure out the sword controls and then a little while more to find the last 100 points... But I assume that those were both done on purpose for a challenge.

What are those phat beats, though?

yurgenburgen responds:

"put a donk on it" by Blackout Crew

I beat it! :D
Clever hiding the last 100 points! Fun quick little game. Now make a bigger one with more health, powerups, etc. :D

yurgenburgen responds:

working on a new game atm. thank you for your kind words