Reviews for "GUNDONK"

I knew the second I say the start screen that this would be a classic, the brilliant controls and soundtrack made me love this game, May I ask what the names of the music are? -Daniel

yurgenburgen responds:

yo bro the music is called Put A Donk On It, by Blackout Crew

Pleasantly difficult. Soundtrack is classic. Love it.

Salty comments, Ragy game! 5 stars!

Very easy game and very easy to get the 10,000.

Not sure why people are having troubles, lol

Also lol at suggestions to have a health bar. This is easy enough without one and everything is easy to find.


I beat it! :D
Clever hiding the last 100 points! Fun quick little game. Now make a bigger one with more health, powerups, etc. :D

yurgenburgen responds:

working on a new game atm. thank you for your kind words