Reviews for "GUNDONK"



It took me a little while to figure out the sword controls and then a little while more to find the last 100 points... But I assume that those were both done on purpose for a challenge.

What are those phat beats, though?

yurgenburgen responds:

"put a donk on it" by Blackout Crew

I have mixed feelings about this one. You got the perfect "over the top" insane platformer feeling right that is for sure.

The level design however is dumb, you just learn the level by heart while dieing over and over again.

I killed (almost) everything, got the key and now I am stuck and I cannot go back. Tried shooting the walls, tried using the sword, I cannot wall jump, I cannot go back.

Oh, man. The game have a good potential, but it very stupid and all images from a different games. Controls - sucks. Sword is a stupid weapon in the game, it is low.

You don't have to die to get the key, your sword can break the wall.