Reviews for "GUNDONK"

As a real game, it sucks, BUUUUUUT, as rage game it's amazing. Great work creator. I can feel the rage. Which means you did your job very well.

I finish the game, i have found a secret that give 100 points, punch a block like mario cut like a jedi.

Have played this about 3 times and each time I'm 100 points missing from full score, I dont know if this intended or not. Also, sometimes after killing the bigger monsters, their bullet particles keep firing on the screen.

yurgenburgen responds:

there are 10,000 points in total

I am voting this in the best of august.

5/5 has alot of donks and is fun to play when your like doing something else because your bored or something and don't have something to do and idk what do i know i'm just writing a review for a flash game, like really who gives a shit about a newgrounds review other than the author? Anyways, add more donks and flashing lights. thx.