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Reviews for "Reach the Toilet 2"

This game really needs a reset/back to menu option.

Other than that, it's okay for a speedrunning platformer. Too simplistic for my tastes though.

A good poop-themed game.

For those hoping to unlock some of the higher medals, it pays to play the game through and memorize in what order you encounter the levels, and also to know which levels you immediately should be pressing the right arrow key for (starting from when you hit the toilet of the previous level), and which you definitely shouldn't.

Also it *is* possible to poop your pants after you've cleared a stage, and thus gain a poop or two that way, despite clearing the stage. The way to *not* do that is you need to be faster. Though you cleared the stage you were still too slow and gained a poop as a result. To be faster, start out holding the right arrow key immediately, except in stages where you shouldn't.

Other than that the Goku stage is probably where most lives will be lost. There's really no secret here other than don't hit anything and good luck.

The momentum, when I'm trying to stop
I have to really press "savagely" the left button (just like if I wanna go left)
Kinda funny game tho Xv

wow man¡¡ the jump is a little frustrating
the song is repetetive but catchy
i really like it