Reviews for "Reach the Toilet 2"

I liked the different levels- finding out what's next is a good reward for getting through! Movement is frustrating at times though, especially on the jumping-through-the-air levels. And the timer should only really begin when you start moving. I've died about 6 times while writing this review...

The controls are rather...floaty on some stages and the hitboxes for the hazards are stupidly big. I'm also not a fan of getting stuck on ledges thinking I can jump to get up only to instead slip down into the void.

And the complete lack of a pause button is annoying as shit.

This game was...dare I say...shitty.

reminded me of cat mario

This game is like playing a strictly timed ice level where there is little gravity and someone has put double-sided sticky tape on every wall. However, those couple of things make the game a fun little challenge that you should be able to complete in at least five minutes. At the very most, maybe even 20 minutes.