Reviews for "Baby's Day Out"

Neat cartoon as always, Yotam. You were one of the first people I discovered on Newgrounds and your stuff is getting better and better. Keep it up dude!!

I loved this because I had no idea what was going on. I loved how you talked to yourself. It was so satisfying seeing the end part with the baby. A baby with earrings is a very unpleasant sight. I recognize your voice. I just love all the activity here. The goofiness helps it.

It's just nice to see a new cartoon from you. I mean that it isn't in the Lazy Writing or Yotam and Fantasia things. Then again, Lazy Writing has little to do with anything. I like the coloring. You have nice Charlie Brown eyes.

thug baby

A little short, but great. It's likable without really having a point, which is a hard thing to do. The lines look smoother and finer and this looks much more professional than unusual.

lol! enimic, the baby crackes me up! i get it, why do we always have to make faces at babies:DDD was very well done thank you:)