Reviews for "Baby's Day Out"

HAHAHAAAAA! Oh god i never thought it could be that funny to Watch someone talk to himself and take a walk outside! Man i love it! gg man! 5/5! Oh man! so much laughing *trying to breathe* oh man, great job you have fantastic humor

Neat cartoon as always, Yotam. You were one of the first people I discovered on Newgrounds and your stuff is getting better and better. Keep it up dude!!

Dude your animation is getting so much better every video! Was this done in flash? It doesn't look like it was. This was mad funny too I loved it dude, keep doing what you're doing =) for real

LazyMuffin responds:

its flash, im just using the pen tool which i don't often use. and some backgrounds i made in another program. thankyouuus

A short goof