Reviews for "Baby's Day Out"

I thought it a little boring until the baby. That was unexpected and awesome.

A little short, but great. It's likable without really having a point, which is a hard thing to do. The lines look smoother and finer and this looks much more professional than unusual.

I hate this, you're the worst Yotam. XXXXXXX

I wonder why people think this is so funny. I can't find any humor in it. The only thing I saw was the unnecessary adult themes, (had no idea why that "fuck you" part was there), and also cringy moments like that baby scene. Yes, there was a scene where a grown man was flipped off by a baby. This is the so called "entertainment we have to watch. I'm giving LazyMuffin one star for the nice, smooth animations, but other the that, it's a waste of your time. DON'T watch it.

This is awesome :)