Reviews for "klocki"

Simplemente genial!! Estaría bueno un menú que tenga los diferentes niveles que uno va pasando, así como también agregarle puntaje por tiempo de resolución.

Felt my brain boiling for a moment, then suddenly I finished the whole thing.... And going right back in, this is awesome.

What else can i say?? This game is amazing, chilled music, relaxed and logic is required to play.
The Aim is to link the framework together until it is looped and lit up, progress to the next level and continue until completed.
That is all i need and completed no problem, it is very well thought out and designed with smart fluid motion.. hope you make more like these in the future

This was amazing, I couldn't make myself stop playing, I'm kinda sad that the levers only got introduced for two levels, I was enjoying playing it and just when i thought i was done there was MORE! I had an itch to play a good puzzle game, and you my good sir, scratched that itch. well done

Love it