Reviews for "klocki"

is good

the only criticism I have is: why can't I give this 6 stars!

Kudos to you. The puzzle game you made was absolutely amazing, making you think "What can go with this," and "What can go with that?". You put this together extremely well! I remember playing a game like this with my friends in school, a long long time ago... We made it on sheets of paper. My friends and I were total nerds at the time (and still are!), so we made something similar to this! This is just bringing back waves and waves and waves of nostalgia. Fantastic.

It is a really good game to challenge yourself with. I couldn't stop playing after the first few levels

I was expecting a cenobite to come out of my computer screen when I solved the last level...
Cool game, I liked the progression and the way new mechanics were introduced and then merged together as the levels passed. If I were to lament anything is that simply there aren't enough levels to go once you get some "traction", but then again that's what the paid version is for, I presume.
It's a nice variant to the classic plumber game.