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Reviews for "klocki"

I feel like this is possibly a grade school puzzle game for extraterrestrials.
For us humans though its inviting and very different.

The goal of the game is simple, finish the circuit, by moving the puzzles pieces to different locations to accomplish this. Where it gets complicated is that very quickly this game goes from 2D puzzles to 3D puzzles. in which you must think in both dimensions to complete the puzzles.

The logic of this game is quite sound, from rotating panels to rotating entire planes.
To finish these circuits that suspiciously look like alien writing after finishing XD.

Its pleasing to look at and quite gentle on the ears with its spacey sounding background music.
Definable a good game to play, however my only gripe is that, the full game is locked behind a paywall. Not my favorite way to experience good games having the bulk of them unplayable.
Its not much a black mark however, due to the fact that the creator has actually stated this in the description, so its not a bad surprise.
Since this game is a bit short.

Play it if you want, its good fun and may stump you for a bit before the logic of the puzzle clicks.
But if you want more, your gonna have to pay, but hey maybe its worth it to you.

Finally, a puzzle game I could finish.

Last one would have been easier if I had only realized that fourth pully. I punched myself after that. BASH!

The soundtrack is soothing
It's easy to understand what is going on
Pleasing to the eye, nothing jumps out or hurts.
I have a brain?

Felt my brain boiling for a moment, then suddenly I finished the whole thing.... And going right back in, this is awesome.


An ending would be nice