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Reviews for "klocki"

By far one of my fav puzzle games. I purchased the phone version. only thing that would make the game better is more levels. :P (side note: I love puzzles, I hate timers. One of the many reasons I like this game.)

Really fun game! :D And it's so nice to see name of game in my first language. Keep up the good work man :)

Really nice puzzle game i liked it alot. Some of the levels were little tricky but i still managed to beat them all :) more levels would be really great

I was expecting a cenobite to come out of my computer screen when I solved the last level...
Cool game, I liked the progression and the way new mechanics were introduced and then merged together as the levels passed. If I were to lament anything is that simply there aren't enough levels to go once you get some "traction", but then again that's what the paid version is for, I presume.
It's a nice variant to the classic plumber game.

This was amazing, I couldn't make myself stop playing, I'm kinda sad that the levers only got introduced for two levels, I was enjoying playing it and just when i thought i was done there was MORE! I had an itch to play a good puzzle game, and you my good sir, scratched that itch. well done