Reviews for "Zenith"

I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever.

Everything I hear is done very well, and the whole thing sounds crisp and clean.

Great riffs, good drum choices, great melodies.

Some excellent jam material right here.

5 stars and a follow.

Dylnmatrix responds:

Thanks man! I appreciate the feedback and the follow as well!

Well done!
I like the song overall and you have nice guitar parts. I personally prefer more reverb but I can understand not having it on.
That said, as a piano focused person myself, your piano's sounded very thin and unrealistic. I would suggest emulating use of the pedal by dragging out the notes to fill the measures. Also adding a very subtle quarter beat timed delay can help.
Keep it up~!

~Phyrnna ^_^

Dylnmatrix responds:

Thanks Phyrnna!

The piano was actually a purposeful design choice this time :) Hence the use being very limited compared to previous works. My focus was more on the guitar riffs and drums when I was writing. But those tips are very helpful for the project I'm working on now, so thanks for that!

It didn't even occur to me to put reverb on the guitar the whole time. There's a lot of reverb at the end, but it's turned off during the track. I'll try that out!

I love when tracks I post now end up being catalysts for making the tracks I happen to be working on now even better.

that was a great one! well done! half a star gone because you used too many "out of tune"s

I like both synths and melody harsh. Drum sample could be better and more in your face though. Nice composition skills. I bet you are liek a guitar player

I thought you could’ve left yourself a little more space for contrast at the beginning. The song kind of just throws you into the middle of these heavy breaks without much introductory material. It’s a little hard to get an overarching sense of climax, as the structure ebbs and flows a lot before any kind of emotional height, and then the real climax comes almost 2 minutes into the piece (1:51). The distorted guitar sounds there added a lot to the piece, but I still feel that some huge chunks of the preceding 2 minutes were unnecessary (the build-up from :52 to 1:21, for example, basically leads nowhere). The instrumentation here is great, however. You did a nice job of offering some structural relief at 2:36, and then transitioning back into a more energetic section by 3:05. The drums during that breakdown section are also quite creative. The piece is very smooth-flowing in general. You did a nice job with the panning, which I especially noticed at around 4:15. The transition into the final chorus at 4:33 was smooth yet weak. It almost seemed like you were playing this live and decided to cross-fade the prior melody and the chorus at the last minute. I was also a little disappointed that you failed to vary the melody sufficiently during the last chorus. For the casual listener, it may have even been difficult to identify that as the chorus because a large portion of this piece shares an energetic sense of continuity. I liked the ending, though. In general, the mixing is very clear and the mastering is loud and pleasant. Despite my mostly structure-related complaints, this is solid work! Keep at it, DM. ;D


Dylnmatrix responds:

Holy shit I never responded to this.

All your structure complaints are well placed. I believe this track mainly emulates a jam session that a band could have during a show, similar to the ones Muse has in their shows. Jams usually don't have concrete or even good structures as they're mainly improv, like this one in the sense I wrote it subconsciously in two nights.

Doesn't excuse the issues but it might explain why it's so.