Reviews for "Battle for the Galaxy"

Well nice game overall, I could load it few times at start, had to reload page few times. But thats the only problem.

Couldn't see all of the gameplay, but your ingame chat looks very active, seems it's more fun to play at higher levels, with corporation.

Keep up the work, will subcribe for updates.

I love games of this genre and i'm a big fun of robots. I like it instead of i vae been played hundreds of similar. Somethig special in it that there is no rest.

Yeah, graphics and sounds are on the highest level (robot's looks are AWESOME). I hope this game will be developing coz it's really cool. Damn, i'm ready to play this for hours!!!

I started playing this game, and became interested in its graphics, which really liked. Well traced the terrain of the planet and units for browser games are very encouraging.

Still very much a game management system that is understandable to the intellectual level. But if suddenly someone that something is unclear in the game has a helper who will help razobratsya easily in all complex game situations.

I can only domavit with this game, I spent the whole evening and it helped me to just relax and let dive into the wonderful virtual world.

I am pleased to come back to it again.

Hi guys!!!This game is very interested and good graphics.This game I playing 2 day and me very.very liked...

Overall, this is a good graphics game. You could've added more detail to when you're battling a emeny base, but that's okay. Basically, it's a very fun game with lots of things to do when you're higher into the game. I've played lots of games like this on different websites, but this is one of the best ones I've played so far. Most of the other games have cheesy details, or bad battle format. Thanks for taking out your time to make this game AMT-Games :)