Reviews for "Click Bait"

best. animation. evarrrrrrr

Love it. I considered taking .5 star out due to just 2 scenes where the animation is slow and unclear (looks like you chose to edit the video rather than the song for harmony), but her changing him into one of the blob things at the end and laughing, that is what got you 5 out of 5.

GoshaDole responds:

Curious which scenes?!?

Oh, wow. I REALLY love this kind of music! All my R belong to this!

I love this. The colors work so well and the 3D in 2D aesthetic is great!
It's a pretty neat song and message, the only thing I'd want more from this is more fluid animation. Movements just felt too smooth and slow in contrast to the beats of the song.

I think you did an excellent job on the animation. I appreciate your color scheme choices, and your character style is unique and pleasant.