Reviews for "Click Bait"

The animation is awesome except for it being a little too smooth for this music. Everything else is pretty great, including its light and happy art style and choice of music.

This is a remarkable animation which I truly enjoyed replaying a good 20 times.
I don't fully understand it, as is seems unclear to me; The girl is a demon? Tricking or seducing boys into clicking on a hypnotic advertisement, sending them into her realm, giving her control of over them, and then using them as fuel? What was that door she so desperately wanted open? What was that "hood" on the boy's head? Why did it turn him into a demon? And what did she do to him at the end?

This has got to be one of my favorite animations I have seen so far and the music choice is absolutely stellar.

Came for the animation, stayed for the music. Damn, this is all just really good. Only real criticism is that the animation may be actually too smooth. I assume this is done in Flash or something similar that makes smooth animation easier, and this has resulted in a slightly sluggish feel whenever something moves. Better to be overly smooth though, than to be consistently too jerky. I'm giving this a 4.5/5.

my new favorite jam right now.