Reviews for "Click Bait"

It really is a tad bit too fast for flawless comprehension
but very fun to watch and hear never the less

Reminds me of the poor souls in The Little Mermaid. You know, the ones that made the deal and failed to accomplish it and ended up having horrible lives stuck to a ground.

Very pretty animation to a catchy song, although it was hard to make out the lyrics (subtitles would've helped) or to understand what was going on (even after studying it through several viewings).

Very colourful, awesome-looking and smooth animation. The song and the effects are nice, but they do not go very good along with the actual song. The song is quite energetic, but the animation stays simple and slow paced. I think things have to change here.
Anyways, great music video! One of the best I*ve seen on Newgrounds! ;)

Pretty smooth looking animation, but I don't like how sluggish everything feels. You have this kicking music going on but there's not much that goes along with it to the beat ( except for the part where the screens popped in to the beat). The movement is missing "oomph" - everything just floats along at a slow pace, no rapid movements where a rapid movement would work great, such as when the guy gets sucked into the phone.

Again, though, the lineless artstyle looks very nice.