Reviews for "Click Bait"

i fell in love with the art and the song and everything <3

This is so addictive and colorful.Even if it is slow at times it seems to tell as story.

The story (In my opinion) Is about a boy who falls into a into a demonic girl's (possibly a succubus) trap when she tries to break out of her digital jail by fooling single boys to click on the dating notification in order to steal their souls.She is almost complete with this by using our protagonist's soul yet due to the blue thing that follows the succubus(Maybe another succubus's soul due to its unique shape) fusing within him he because as succubus.With this ill-gained skill he traps souls to help open the door possibly to impress the succubus and fall in love with him becoming a king.Once he opens the door for her she removes the blue soul from him(Killing/ trapping) him in her jail and leaves to the real world.

I can easily be wrong with this story yet it is my take on it(so please don't kill me over it).
P.s:Sorry for such a long story.

great animation i love it and it goes perfect with the music, is really good


Not bad. Music and animation is very good