Reviews for "Click Bait"

Well, that was enjoyable.

Overall pretty nice, although I would say it needed a break, interlude, etc. to mix it up. The music was nice, but if it had that one bit to chop up the repetitivity it would be much better.

I think the visual presentation here is OUTSTANDING. I honestly couldn't tell half the time if this were 3D or not. Also, the character designs were quite nice.

However, I feel the opportunity for a more sinister ME! ME! ME! type plot was missed. If this "clickbait entity" say, had a provocative design before pulling in the baited guy, then switched over, which we kind of see with the generic angel-devil switch, then at the end the entity switched back and the video ended just as they appeared on another unlucky bait victim's browser, it would be much better. Or have many entities, controlled by some higher power, instead of each clickbait video/article/etc. having their own free will.

Overall, a great music video with a few moderate problems that could be fixed.

I saw this so many times on Featured Movies i didn't click on but now that I clicked on this i regreted all those times i did't click. Best animation/music i've seen/heard in a LONG time. Immediate 5!!

I almost didn't want to click on this song because of it's name, hehe.
Hovewer, it was worth it. Both music and animation were fantastic.

It reminded me of dating for some reason. God, I don't know how to feel about this, but that was good.

Very well done. Also very sexy story.