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Reviews for "The Pizza Man"


nice game :)

Is that a schlong of salami in your pocket or are you happy to see me?
Great game ultimately, even nutritionally and morally educational (Nutrition quiz and all the talk about "Talking to nude women is uncomfortable" and "Digging the grave for your enemies assists in digging the grave for yourself"), as well as rhyming.
Although I will admit, the part of your story that you chose
That lady in her nude pose
You wanted that to be the cover
Making it was a game where you were her lover
It was strange to look at, I will admit,
But I decided to try the game anyway for just a bit
10/10! T'was a great game
And believe me, it was not at all lame!

Can't explain why, but here we are.

I need the Pizza boy's salami under his pants