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Reviews for "The Pizza Man"

I don't mind reading the dialogue between a delivery man and an overly exposed woman. I am sure the author wants to be in that situation and acts like he's decent.

Voice acting is so-so. The two persons talked like robots.

Thats a bodily figure nobody can defeat
that i would never pass up the ability to eat.

DeSaGames responds:

Writing a review in rhyme is really neat,
But it would be neater if we had a beat,

This is a cute game, I like that they rhyme, and their rhyming style is that of the old days. Like other reviews, the voice acting could be louder. I think the art style should be improved a bit, especially for the lady since most of the time she's giving her dead stare with those big green eyes. Though I would like more choices/things to do, because it does get a little boring hearing them talk. I like how this game can turn into anything,not just the cliche porn route, thats really different. Good game 4/5

I don't know how you managed to compare the military-industrial complex with pizza, but congrats!

I could complain about the shitty voice acting, but it is most hilarious. But I would reccomend a way to answer the food quiz directly, for having to watch a naked cartoon woman's pizza-covered body is nefarious.