Reviews for "Freak Show"

Hmm ... I'm not sure if it's a bug, but the clown with the lighter wouldn't let me go back. I'm not sure if you're not supposed to be able to go back after that point, but I couldn't find the rolling pin, so if it's not in the sword room, clock room, or scene with the rocking horse, I think something's wrong. Not a bad game.

It's not that bad of a game, yet not to good either
I found myself a bit lost on a few parts but the game was okay in telling me where to go but not so much instruction wise but the boss fight was what lost it for me because I am sorry to say it's not fun the haze effect was too strong and I could not tell which magician was the right one so it was just a game of trial and error. The doll room wasn't that better with me just randomly clicking until I stumbled upon the answer.
Positive-It's a good time killer and the puzzles are not all that difficult for a person to get frustrated on and it can be solved with a bit of thinking except for the two I mentioned all in all it's a good game.

this game is decent.
as far as graphics go, it looks decent and the sounds are okey.
but a big problem this game has is that it is very linear, especially for a point and click/ adventure game. you don't have to backtrack to areas once you obtained an item, instead of that you only have to switch between 3/4 horizontal rooms with said item before you can proceed to the (big) next puzzle. this is especially apparent when you go into a room and are forced to solve the puzzle until you can come out. and after that you can't go back to any room beforehand. this makes the game feel more like a puzzle game with individual puzzles instead of a game were all the puzzles and areas flow into each other, like a point and click/ adventure game should be.
now let's talk about those puzzles.they either are pretty good (like the one at the bar) or extremely frustrating. the worst offender of this are the pixel-hunting "puzzles". there is no fun or challenge to be had with these ridicules excuses for "puzzles" and they can't be considered puzzles because you aren't using your brain. it's just dumb and mindless clicking until you finally find the item you need.
but to end on a positive note, the ending to this game is pretty dark, so props to you for that (despite the fact that it isn't really like wandering in a maze because everything is so disconnected from each other).

good fun

simple, short, twisted, flawless.
good atmosphere.
why not hide an alternate ending?