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Reviews for "Underpunch."

I have only a few gripes with this: the backgrounds were very muted and lacked contrast and some of the animation was kind of hard to read. Besides that, this was super neat! It reminds me a bit of that parody comic with Undertale x One-Punch Man.

kehny responds:

You know I just found out that comic existed.
You make a solid point, the animation did get too fast at times, and the backgrounds could've had stronger precence. Thanks for reviewing, I apreciate it!

OMG, as a fan of both I absolutely love this crossover, animation seems even better than OPM. Big thanks for making this, you made my day. Now I'm gonna watch this 10 more times.

kehny responds:

Thanks man, you're awesome!
Wouldn't go as far to say it's better... opm is waaay out of my league... for now!

An incredible, underrated animation with a sweet spin on the original franchises. You incorporate a very unique and fun style with this animation. Only downfall is sometimes the animation timing was slightly slow, however you paid a lot of attention to the details of each shot.

You really got your point across in the limited amount of time you had which was amazing. I loved seeing the incorporation of the brutality, merciless and serious story of the genocide route of Undertale, whilst sticking through with the comedic yet accurate parody of One Punch Man. You two have made the two work very well hand in hand.

Personally I can see myself recommending this to people I know, and I see a lot of replay-ability in it. Well done, and I wish you both luck in your future projects :)

kehny responds:

Thanks man! I super apreciate that you recognized the work put on the actual storyboard. I see your point, thanks for the review!
And of course, sharing means a lot! See ya!

...I guess you can say Chara commmited...
( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐■-■

Can relate to this