Reviews for "TwoTap"

Excellent game mechanics, music and sounds, screen transitions and a nice arcade approach. I would have loved to see better graphics, however I know such areas are not within your reach. Good Job David, and I hope to see more impressing content in future!

Does this game place you on a level depending on your current skill? I don't see this being specified anywhere.
It's kind of weird going from level 1 a dozen levels forward not knowing what's going on.
The game itself is not bad. You've got a quite interesting idea but I think it's just too stressful for my taste.

Try asking them to ketchapp if you publish it! I think you accept it as game one tap !! compliments!!

Lemming1 responds:

I love the company Ketchapp I aim to make games like they do.

Much like what some other people have said, the game is fun in it's own right, but not being able to retry instantly/quickly get's infuriating very quickly. It kills the pace of the game immensely.

Besides that, it was a fun little game to play, good job

Woohoo, just made it to level 98 with 12.63 hits per second :) There's no way I can get any further. Fun game !