Reviews for "TwoTap"

Good idea and execution with catchy, fitting background music and nice, simple graphics. I also liked the details, like the "one frame too late" feedback, the generous control possibilities - both the key controls and when you want to start - or the way the levels advance.

However, it was really, really annoying that after a game you'd have a fairly long losing or winning screen, and playing again meant to have to switch to your mouse, just to click "play". There was no way of retrying by just using the keyboard. In such a fast paced game these are killers - in the bad sense.

Lemming1 responds:

This is great feedback, and I already have a version where you can press left or right on the win/lose screen to quickly restart saving that time. Getting these simple things right on speed games like this is really important.

Simple game executed well. Was able to get 1.23 seconds and 9.73 APS on level 94 boosting me up to 97. After that I came close but I doubt I could ever go further. Keep it up.

http://puu.sh/qEMA8/f65a2ed9de.jpg I beat you! Also, this was a pretty fun game

Entertaining idea done well. Also, I beat your time at 9.73

Definitely kept me entertained, if only only for about 5 minutes. But overall a very fun idea! I even managed to get to level 96.