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Reviews for "You Knew What I Was When You Picked Me Up: No Evil 020"

It wouldn't be fair to take points off because I'm lost on what the story or characters are since I haven't viewed from episode 1 but their personalities were made rather clear very quickly and that is to be congratulated. The animation and the story's pace (the storytelling in particular) do feel rushed a several times to me. Perhaps it's just technical limitations or such, in which case I should respect how much effort an animation like this takes, especially for the amount of people who worked on it (if that's everyone listed off at the credits). I absolutely loved the color choices and character designs (especially the spirits and their human forms). The voice acting did seem off to me at first but it grew on me rather well, though I'd still suggest polishing that particular area up further if possible in future episodes. Still, credit where it's due, creative, interesting and good overall.

Never seen this before, now I have to watch it from Number 1,

This sort of stuff is the prime reason I canceled Netflix.
There is more soul, and work, put into books, and actual art, than any garbage that's pushed and commercialized to make a quick dollar.

No fakeness, just a human's desire to create art, and tell a story from their own mind.
Creativity and dreams manifested.

While I have no idea what's going on in the story, I'm getting a Gist.
Style is awesome, voicing is good for what it is.

Can't wait to start from number one! You earned a new fan, this looks really interesting.
A real real shame, that most mainstream things out there are not even half as interesting as this short I just entered into at random, keep up the sweet work!

allways greet

This is educational. This reveals the folklore of Americana from the tall tales, to the Native American legends, to the common myths of the West. I wish they could make a mini-series on t.v. to expose our vanishing heritage.

These are worth waiting for.