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Reviews for "You Knew What I Was When You Picked Me Up: No Evil 020"

I like the new transformation sequence

this came out awesome! I can't believe I missed so much... .for some reason, your new videos didn't come out on the front page like they should (having already subscribed and all)

Anyways, if I understand correctly, from the followup, Twiloch is an ancient spirit with powers of legend. He used a tuning fork to master his powers and accepted 4 apprentices. He long disappeared, and was presumed dead. However, he bestowed upon his apprentices one piece of black tes catla poka in, if I understand correctly, a sealing ritual.

In this episode, Charles Bart, the embodiment of the black tes catla poka, has revealed that not only is he after the apprentices' pieces of BT (tired or writing it), and already got at least two of them, he's also working FOR the missing Twiloch? Is Twiloch trying to attain the blue tes catla poka?

How far off am I?

Another deep secret revealed.
Can't wait for the next episode!!!!!!!!!

I think the episode paid off for any trouble it gave you. It came around nicely.

Some of your background characters, like those cityfolk, do the job but they leave something to be desired I think. However, I didn't care much because the foreground characters had such pleasing animation... I know background characters are a chore...

Your framework is improving, and it's nice to watch occur between episodes. This is one of my favourites thus far. Your style is really shaping up.
The music I found had more variety this time around. It was nice to get a breather from the usual sound that accompanies your work.
The story was interesting. You and that slow world build. I'm quite eager to see more.

Warlord-of-Noodles responds:

The background thing is particularly egregious this time around. Just compare it to Conduct. Had to let one thing be crap this time for time reasons and backdrop people who weren't patreon folks wuz it.... Not something I wanna repeat.

Always great work from you keep up the series look forward to the next eps