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Reviews for "You Knew What I Was When You Picked Me Up: No Evil 020"

^_^i absolutely adore this series and how it is going i mean the story is wonderful and i look forward to every last thing that comes from its 1 that i adore with how beautiful the story telling is^_^keep up the good work and i looking forward to seeing how this ends but i hope no time soon each character has there ups and downs and i find corn to be a sweet heart shy but a sweet heart much like all of them just a wonderful series over all

Corn appears to have a severe case of enochlophobia (the fear of large crowds or groups of people). That is a very tough fear to shake off in the long run. I do hope nothing more bad happens to him.

Another great chapter. The animation seems to get better and better after every chapter.

She didn't even give him a chance to say excuse me before she started yelling at him, something similar happened to me a few weeks ago.

I feel bad for not following this series more. From the title, I realize it's an ongoing story. I love the animation as always. It was weird how the chameleon hesitated to shapeshift. Well, she's certainly some kind of lizard. I love these voices. They're so cute!

It's great to see them as humans. It's an interesting interpretation. You get to learn more about their world here. I now realize I should be paying more attention. Well, I still couldn't follow the plot that well.

Im in love with this series.